As 2017 starts, we have a number of projects on the drawing board or kicked off.

Cross Laminated Timber - As part of my work with OMEP, I am completing a survey of capable producers of CLT in the region. This work will combined with the efforts of others at Oregon BEST, Business Oregon and Oregon State, to help guide the economic development efforts regarding this impressive new building material.

Bioproducts - 10 years ago I was approached by the Roberts family with a method to convert a proprietary cherry tree, germination process, and processing method to extract a natural form of benzaldehyde from new cherry growth. Today the company has seedlings in the ground and is developing a plan to build a manufacturing plant. My work is to provide validation of the process for investment.

Waste to energy / biochar manufacturing - working with a new team to investigate opportunities for construction waste.

Compostable plastics - Through my work in developing the OMEP/Oregon Best Partnership, OMEP will map a path to more efficient production for this up and coming Oregon firm.

Water reclamation - The Department of Defense has a near continuous interest in developing better water reuse capabilities for forward bases and fixed installations. My long term partnership with a group in this area will hopefully lead to a successful SBIR application and deployment of an enhanced solution.

Llightweight broad-spectrum RF shielding - TangiTech has successfully research and is in the early development stages of a novel carbon fiber composite for advanced RF shielding. LIghter, thinner, higher performing, and more broad spectrum than other competing solutions, it offers a high value add, particularly in space or volume constrained environments. SBIR and other grants are expected by June.

Advanced metal working (OMIC) - As part of my work with OMEP, I am assisting with their involvement with the Oregon Manufacturing Innovation Center. Its cross over to OMEP's clients and stakeholders suggests this Boeing and Oregon lead group will be a force for growth for years to come.

Hydraulic propulsion - KersTech has been perfecting its electric hydraulic motor for 5 years. It is nearing success with its first deployment in forklifts, and my work has positioning it to being the even more profitable market of electric busies. Watch for announcements by June.

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